4 Essential Landscaping Upgrades to Increase a Property’s Value in Sydney

When it comes to increasing the property value, most homeowners think about upgrading the interior space only. While potential buyers find such upgrades attractive, landscaping plays a significant role too. 


A study conducted at Michigan State University found that potential buyers perceived the value of properties with good landscaping to be 11% higher than those without. If you’ve been thinking about selling your property, here are essential upgrades a landscaping services company can do to make it more attractive.

1.      Match the Landscaping to Your Home’s Style

A home’s landscape is an extension of the interior and your personality. As such, matching these two spaces enhances continuity and cohesiveness. 

One effective way is to showcase geometrical lines boldly. Clean, crisp lines are a characteristic feature in modern architecture, and you want to use it in your landscape too. Outbuildings, walking paths, and driveways should pay homage to geometrical cleanliness. 

If your home has a traditional architectural vibe, it will help maximize the visual effect. For example, if the house has multiple windows on the front part using greenery, parallel linear walking paths, and other landscape features creates a bold visual impact. 

This is because the linear pattern is continued into the landscape design. Be sure to consult landscaping services experts to advise you on the best way to match the two spaces.

Finding the right contractors is essential in landing the style you’re envisioning for your home. If you’re looking for a landscaping company in Sydney, DSE Landscapes have a reputation for being transparent. Check out their website at https://dselandscapes.com.au/

2.      Add a Deck or a Patio

A recent Cost vs. Value Report by JLC Group magazine showed that the addition of a complete deck is the fourth most valuable home improvement project. 

According to the report, if homeowners spent $13333 to add a wood deck, they would recoup $10,083, which is 75.6% of the cost when the home sells. 

While adding an outdoor deck is not the same as building an extra bathroom, the additional space can make a difference when selling a home.

If the homeowner decided to use the same area to add an actual room, the cost would be twice as much. The cost of adding a new 20-by-20-foot room, for example, ranges from $32000 to $80,000. Conversely, building a deck of the same size costs less than $20,000.

Both options add 400 square feet to the property, but one provides outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining guests at a lower price.

3.      Plant Trees

Studies show properties with trees on their backyards and landscape sell faster and at a higher value. This is because trees create a peaceful and homey atmosphere around a property. You want to plant trees that serve your needs best.

If you want a tree that provides more shade during summer, deciduous trees are the best. However, if you don’t like the arduous task of collecting leaves every time they shed, evergreen trees like pine and cedars are befitting.

4.      Opt for Year-round Landscaping Styles

Landscapes are pretty attractive in late spring through to early autumn. Therefore, if you had listed your home mid-March when the peonies are budding, it can be very alluring. Sadly, the market may be slow, leaving your property still listed during the summer season. And your peonies may not be all-glam as in the spring season.

The solution? Devise a staggered planting plan by selecting flowers and trees that bloom in each season. The idea is to ensure your backyard doesn’t showcase a plethora of high-performers for the summer and spring seasons and neglect winter and fall. Here are plants landscaping services professionals use to create year-round bloom:

  • Spring season: Forsythia is great for early-spring blooms, while lilacs add color towards the end of the season
  • Summer season: During this season, the blooming spring trees and shrubs turn to plain, green leaves. If living in the Southern region of the U.S., crepe myrtle trees are an excellent addition to your landscape. Homeowners with properties in the Northern areas should consider adding hydrangea shrubs, and the rose of Sharon
  • Fall season: Maples, sumac shrubs, and oak trees help keep your landscape colorful during this season
  • Winter season: While this season is dominated by brown, white, and gray colors, it’d help if you added some color. The Red osier dogwood is an excellent addition as it has an attractive reddish bark hue


These tips should transform your landscape into an attractive spectacle potential buyers would like to own. Consult your local landscaping services company to identify a strategy that can increase your property’s value significantly.