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BLUE MOUNTAIN MIST - the most popular Louisiana iris sold in Australia.

Welcome to the 2013–2014 season and our updated version of our website. All new 2013–2014 season pages will be pale blue in colouration.

IRIS HAVEN is a specialist, mail-order, Louisiana iris nursery, located in Sydney, Australia.  We also supply other irises, daylilies and other plant forms (see the links above).

Proprietors, Heather & Bernard Pryor, are hybridisers of world-class Louisiana irises.

The Premier Release cultivar for IRIS HAVEN in the 2013–14 season will be BENNELONG RUBY. Stock numbers are limited (as we keep having to export rhizomes to the USA to keep up with demand in the northern hemisphere) so be quick to order a rhizome of BENNELONG RUBY before all remaining is exported to the northern hemisphere early in 2014.

Our northern hemisphere shipping period will re-open from about mid-March, 2014 onwards and will close about mid-April, 2014. This is a much shorter shipping period than in previous years due mainly to us being in the USA for the 2014 bloom season. Customers from the United Kingdom and Singapore joined our 'family' of avid collectors during 2013 - and we welcome them to the exciting world of Louisiana iris growing!

Southern hemisphere shipping will re-commence from approx. 31 December 2013 onwards until approx. 30 June 2014 (with no shipments from mid-April to early June, 2014 possible - sorry).

If you live in the USA, please contact our US agents, Iris City Gardens, if you wish to obtain any of our cultivars. You will be guaranteed to receive excellent service and quality rhizomes.  If you live elsewhere in the northern hemisphere - please contact us to ascertain current stock listings. Please contact our NZ agents, Rivendell Iris Gardens, if you wish to obtain any of our cultivars if you live in New Zealand.

We have now split our General Louisiana Iris Catalogue listing into three sections: A-G inclusive, H-O inclusive and P-Z inclusive.

However, both our regular-height Louisiana iris cultivars AND our shorter-growing 'Water Sprite' cultivars are grouped in straight alphabetical order on the pages noted above. All of the shorter-growing 'Water Sprite' cultivars are clearly denoted as such.

Customers in Australia need to note that all prices on this website are listed WITHOUT GST. When ordering, you need to add the GST payable. Our overseas customers can just work with the prices as listed, as there is no GST payable on export shipments.


Our nursery will remain closed to the public. We will, however, continue to provide our efficient mail order service. We need to note here a very friendly reminder that we are not open to the public, as our premises is not set-up for public visitations. Please don't ask us to open for you to inspect our premises, as we are a mail order nursery ONLY.

Heather will continue with her program of garden club visits during 2014. If you are intending to visit any of the events listed on the 'What's Happening' page, please say hi. Details of Heather's outings and IRIS HAVEN exhibitions can be found on our ‘What's Happening’ page.

If we can assist you further in any way - please don't hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. Until then - happy gardening to one and all.

Heather & Bernard PRYOR



PO BOX 6070



TEL (02) 8883 5953 FAX (02) 8883 5954

(International callers need to add their own country’s international access code, then add "61" for Australia - and then delete the "0" in the "02" code before calling, i.e. 612 8883 5953 is preceded by your own international access code.)

EMAIL: irishaven@pip.com.au


This page was updated and uploaded on 8 APRIL, 2014

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